Burnout among primary care physicians and specialists is at an all-time high, reaching 60% in some specialties.


A 2015 Medscape™ physician survey listed bureaucratic tasks and computerization of practice among top causes of physician burnout.

Having a good scribe brings the joy back to seeing patients. It allows me to focus on providing care instead of doing documentation.
— Dr. T, Surgeon

OUR scribes save you time

Your time is valuable.  A typical provider spends nearly 120 minutes per day on clerical and non-patient care tasks.  Our scribes can help you cut that time in half, typically saving you 60-90 minutes each clinic day.  Gained efficiency translates into more time for patients or more time at home with your family.

Customizable and cost-efficient

At PHYSICIANCY, we provide affordable, cost-efficient scribing specific to your needs.  From traditional, dedicated scribes to on-demand virtual solutions, we can help optimize your workflow.  In most cases, having a medical scribe can be cost-neutral. 


Our journey began out of necessity, led by two orthopedic surgeons, both frustrated by the increasing clerical burden of EMR documentation.  

The result?  A physician-led medical scribe program that quickly grew among peers in a wide range of specialties and settings.  Based in Maryland, PHYSICIANCY now provides thousands of scribe hours and invaluable happiness to physicians and providers.  

I no longer spend 1-2 hours at the end of my day completing charts. With a scribe, I can review my notes and sign an entire day of clinic notes in 15 minutes.
— Dr. P, Surgeon

Not Sure if a Scribe is Right for You?

The best way to discover what a scribe can do for you is to work with one.  Contact our team and we can arrange a free trial so you can experience the benefits and efficiency of a medical scribe from PHYSICIANCY.